I Have Lower Back Pain!

I have lower back pain!

Yes we’ve heard you! Lower back pain is no fun! It has become the cry of many Americans out there and many others on the globe. It cannot be simply ignored. It interferes with many daily activities such as our daily work and daily activities that you may enjoy.

Lower back pain is an impingement to many things in our daily lives. That’s why it has become a center focus in today’s society and many people want a cure for it.

Today’s society and the way it has evolved is probably the main culprit in causing lower back pain. Look around you and observe how this world functions today. We are not as active anymore with so many technological advances. Types of jobs are growing in inactivity.

Sedentary jobs sit in large numbers. The way society functions today has helped grow this epidemic and the number of people who suffer from lower back pain.


I’m not saying this as if a large spotlight is shining on it in a dark room. No. Technology and lifestyle improvement has shown and proven that it can be very beneficial.

Remember though as with all things in life, the downsides come into play as well. With better jobs and a longer lifespan, the growth of lower back pain has proven to be an epidemic for many people and it is growing.

In a 3-month period, about one-fourth of U.S. adults experience at least 1 day of back pain. It is one of our society’s most common medical problems. – Source: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases


Why has lower back pain increased?

As I’m writing this post I am wondering why has lower back pain increased over the last few decades? It almost seems as if everyone I come into contact has experienced some sort of lower back pain!

According to the CDC, lower back pain has ranked higher than any other common type of pain. Out of migraines, pain in the neck, and pain in the face, lower back pain is higher ranked than any of those three.


According to this chart alone we can determine and see for ourselves that lower back pain is a very common pain experienced among men and women. This stat is all not too shocking based on all of the complaints we can receive from lower back pain.

Lower back pain is a very common pain and don’t be worried if you’re experiencing some sort of lower back pain! Lower back pain isn’t a disease and doesn’t need to be treated as such. All that lower back pain means is that your lower back is troubled and you need to pay some attention to it. The body is telling you something.


Not all lower back pain should be treated the same way. Lower back pain can be created or started from different circumstances or factors. A perfect example would be physically intense activities. Chronic and acute lower back pain can be initiated from intense weight lifting or being involved in a sport. Getting chronic lower back pain for me started from weight lifting, specifically performing too many heavy squats.

Thankfully I found the right back brace for lower back pain and now I have it under control!


If you are involved in some of these activities, I would advice you in incorporating a system that would allow you to protect your lower back. Look around on the web or ask professionals in this field on ways to protect and ensure that you are not aggravating your lower back in any way.

Even if you don’t feel it at the start you may still be aggravating the small bones in the spine, ligaments, or muscles in the lower back that may cause a kind of lower back pain in the future.

It is estimated that 5-10 percent of all athletic injuries are related to the lumbar (lower) spine. – Source: Low Back Pain in Athletes | University of Maryland Medical Center


Serious Athletes



You don’t have to find yourself sweating or lifting heavy objects in order to experience lower back pain. Even the most sedentary folks especially those people who mostly sit throughout the day have come to realize that they are experiencing chronic lower back pain.

Sitting down has become known as an unnatural body position and can have a direct effect on your lower back. Again you may not feel your lower back come up with some pain right away but in the future your lower back may flare up and cause chronic lower back pain.

How can sitting be so unnatural? It may feel comfortable when you sit in a chair or couch but it may not always feel like that. Sitting too long puts a strain on your lower back. Eventually sitting day after day you may start feeling lower back pain.

Long Time Sitters



Lower back pain may flare up after a single incident. It may happen that you fell onto the floor from a higher surface. It may have happened that you bruised or bumped your lower back and now you have lower back pain.

Lower back pain may have arrived from straining your lower back to pick up a heavier object from the floor or a lower surface. Things like this happen and may aggravate your lower back for a short while.

Occasional Bumps & Bruises



Lower Back Pain Solutions:

We have the power to help solve these issues. If your lower back hurts from lifting boxes from the previous day, we can look at some solutions below and help the lower back recover. If lower back pain starts to creep in from other incidents of your daily life, maybe these solutions might be the key in healing your lower back.


Best Exercise #1



This exercise helps strengthen the lower back. You don’t necessarily have to have lower back pain in order to try this lower back exercise.

In fact it would be wise to start using this exercise in order to strengthen and prevent any kind of incident happening to your lower back.

Performing a couple of sets in the gym twice a week can become a great preventative measure for your lower back.


How To Video:


Best Exercise #2



Cat and Camel: Perform at least three sets of this exercises. Each set should consist of ten or so repetitions.

Hold the bottom (camel) for about five seconds and then hold the top (cat) position for the same amount of time.


How To Video:


Best Exercise #3


This exercise for the lower back is an advanced type of exercise for strengthening the lower back. If you decide to do this exercise, I would advice you to proceed with caution. Please consult with your doctor or physician about this type of exercise. Again this is an advanced technique to use to strengthen your lower back.

Look up plenty of resources on the internet about this exercise before you go to the gym and start performing it. Familiarize yourself with the movement without using any bar, especially weight. Get the hang of the movement and have it pat down before you even think of using weight on the bar.

Once you learn the proper movement and the right amount of volume to use weekly, this exercise will help strengthen the muscles in the lower back. This will help you gain an incredible amount of strength in the lower back as well as help stretch your lower back.

This is a great movement to use after a long day of sitting down. It will also help increase blood flow in the lower back area after it has been locked in a certain position for a period of time.

How To Video:

Excellent Guide from Bodybuilding.com:

Good Morning – Bodybuilding.com


Web/Internet resources on Lower Back Exercises:


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Best Stretch #1


This is probably the simplest and most effective stretches you can come up with for your lower back pain. It is completely straightforward and easy to perform.

All you need is some space on a comfortable floor or mat and do this stretch for your lower back. When you come up and straighten your arms for that nice stretch in your lower back, hold it a max fifteen seconds all the way up to thirty if you’d like to.

Remember not to overstretch your lower back. A mistake many people do is perform too many stretches for their lower back when they first feel that pain. Don’t freak out and start doing a ton of stretches. Keep it simple and minimal. Trust me, it’s more productive that way.

How To Video:


Best Stretch #2


Many, many people suffer from tight hip flexors. It is such a common issue that even I struggle with it. I have tight hip flexors. I too sit much throughout the day and that can become a problem if I don’t take breaks.

When you sit you’re feet are in a 90 degree position with the floor. This causes your hip flexors to shorten and they will stay short for many hours. Eventually over time your hip flexors will tighten and will start causing an imbalance in your pelvic girdle including your lower back.

People who have lower back pain may have tight hip flexors. If you visit a chiropractor in your area they will let you know that you have tight hip flexors and you need to stretch them. This stretch is an excellent stretch to use to counterbalance the tightness of your hip flexors.

How To Video:


Best Stretch #3


What the heck you call that? I call it the lying static leg raise. This isn’t necessarily a stretch but you may find it to be equally effective and productive as any lower back stretch.

If you’ve had a long day of putting extra strain on your lower back, a stretch might not cut it and you may not even need to stretch an already strained back. All you need is this for a few days.

Grab a chair or set yourself in front of your couch on the floor. The image above for the lying static leg raise almost entirely explains for itself. All you would need to do is wait there for a good fifteen or so minutes. I guarantee you that your lower back will instantly feel much better!


Web/Internet resources on Lower Back Stretches:


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Back Pain and Stretching Exercises


See a Chiropractor


If you think you’ve seriously injured your lower back or you feel more comfortable seeing one before you try anything yourself, you can’t go wrong with that. Chiropractic offices are excellent places to help you heal from your lower back pain.

I myself learned a lot from a chiropractor and it has helped me find the right solution to my lower back pain. If you first go and see a chiropractor, they may help you find the the problem faster and get you on the right track to recovery.

If you are wondering where to find your chiropractor I would recommend you do a simple Google search like this:


Do some research about that specific location and give them a call to setup your first appointment.


Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain


Back braces can be very beneficial for lower back pain. For some people they may become the right solution for their lower back pain.

Back braces will help give you the right support for your lower back. If you have a physical type job and a job that requires you to bend for most of the day, your lower back can be protected and supported with the right back brace.

A back brace can be utilized in most jobs even if you’re not moving as much. If you sit for much of the day, a back brace will help support your lower back.

If your Sacroiliac joints in your pelvic region cause lower back pain, you can check out this post on how this is the best back brace for lower back pain.


Serious Lower Back Issues


If you think or feel like you have serious lower back pain, you need to see your doctor immediately. If you’ve had a serious fall or injury, you need to see your doctor as well. Certain accidents whether involving a vehicle or not may cause serious lower back injuries and pain.

Not all lower back pain is equal. Not all lower back pain is the same. That’s why it is important for you to see a medical professional or your doctor if you have lower back pain.

Sometimes you may have to take serious measures in order to fully heal your lower back. The only way to know if your lower back pain isn’t going to cause any serious issues is if you see the doctor or a medical professional.

Please don’t take any chances. Before you try some of these exercises or stretches for your lower back pain, have a discussion with your doctor to see whether it is safe for you to do them.

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